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About NYS Corporation | NYS Corporation

About NYS Corporation

NYS Corporation was founded upon the concept of creating a dynamic space for young talent to express and develop their abilities. This unprecedented system presents a new prospect for young performers who are looking to showcase their skills and break into the entertainment industry.

Michael David Palance established NYS in 2009 with the intention of providing a revolutionary opportunity for young talent and their families. His background in the business gave him an inside view of the lack of support and guidance available for these children. This spurred his development of NYS and continues to drive his present involvement in the industry.

Michael David Palance

Michael discovered the joy of performing during his teenage years. He found opportunities for training, which led to professional work in New York theatre and television during the 1980s. His fondness of the business grew as his career advanced with roles on networks such as ABC, NBC and CBS.

His initial success was focused in daytime soap operas where he played several leading characters on shows including Ryan’s Hope and One Life to Live. In order to further his career, Michael moved to Los Angeles and continued to pursue work in film. His recent work includes serving as the executive producer of the reality television show titled My Hollywood and a producer on the Lifetime Movie Network film Pop Star.

Michael’s involvement in the business sparked his interest in developing educational acting programs. His journey into the entertainment business involved many trials and lessons. NYS was designed to streamline the process of breaking into the business by offering budding performers with the necessary education, tools and connections to succeed.

NYS Mission

Providing access to relevant educational opportunities, showcase events and performance prospects all fall under the umbrella of the NYS mission. We aim to guide young talent through the inner workings of the entertainment industry on their journey toward a performance career.

Children and their parents are given a behind-the-scenes view of what is required to successfully break into the business. In addition to this valuable insight, they are also provided with the training and networking opportunities to launch their careers.

Enhancing Family Entertainment

The state of family entertainment today has severely limited opportunities for talented children and teens to find professional work. NYS has developed a solution to this unfortunate reality through a variety of channels. Our showcase events and film projects offer young performers the possibility of meeting industry professionals, landing roles in professional productions and enhancing modern family entertainment with their individual abilities.

NYS also places a heavy emphasis on training and education. We believe that having access to the right information is invaluable in an industry that is surrounded by a good deal of misunderstandings and false promises. This education is delivered through several stages of our comprehensive program.

The process begins with our Interview Weekends, which lay the groundwork for advanced educational opportunities. Candidates that are invited to attend Premiere Event, the largest global youth talent showcase, are provided with online coaching leading up their participation. Once they arrive at Premiere Event, they will take part in a variety of activities that were carefully selected to build their skill set and prepare them for future work. Ultimately, participants would be offered with the chance to perform on shows produced through NYS that give young talent, and their families, unique insight into the inner workings of the industry.

The Path to an Entertainment Career

Parents that have the ability to support their child through their journey into the entertainment industry get to experience something very special. Helping your child develop and express their gifts can be a very fulfilling venture. It is rare for children to discover something they are truly passionate about in their early years. This makes is even more satisfying to be able to provide them with the tools they need to make their dreams a reality.

As you begin this journey with your child, it is important to remember that there is no single path that will get you where you want to go. There are many methods and possible routes to consider for this type of career. This contributes to the difficulty of gaining a clear understanding of just what is required to be successful. It is not uncommon for people outside the industry to experience confusion and unfortunately many of them are influenced by bad advice and false promises. NYS offers a clear answer to guide you as you get started on this journey with a modern solution to this dilemma.

Our programs eliminate a good deal of the uncertainty and give participants an invaluable opportunity to connect directly with top agents, managers and other industry professionals. Your child’s specific skills and ambitions as well as the lifestyle you want to immerse them in will determine the best path to take. NYS has supported many parents and their talented children to set up customized plans to launch their career in the industry and move through this exciting journey.

Beginning Your Journey with NYS 

As parents take the first steps to launch their child’s career many of them realize that they are not fully prepared for everything involved in the process. No matter how supportive they are of their child, there are many challenges that lie ahead for them. Whether your goals involve theater, film, television, singing or modeling, the expectations you have may need to be adapted.

This journey with your child will test you in a variety of ways and can consist of both difficult times and periods of celebration. When you are armed with the best possible preparation you will be able to deal with the events of this process much more effectively.

Everyone behind the NYS mission is honored to have the opportunity to pave the way for young talent and their families on this special journey.  We take pride in the system that we have built to provide much needed support in areas of the industry that are lacking. When you have access to the right education, tools and connections, a great deal of confusion and resulting false starts are quickly eliminated.

Being the parent of a working child actor is not an easy role to play but it has often been described as one of the most gratifying. The delight parents feel as they observe their child’s success in the business is a rare opportunity that many never get the chance to experience. NYS removes the hurdles from your path and makes it feasible for parents to place their child in the most ideal circumstances to make their dreams a reality.