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Intro | NYS Corporation


NYS Corporation was established with a dedicated vision to produce quality family entertainment solutions. It has been successful in creating a space for young performers and supporting them through their journey into the entertainment industry.

Michael David Palance founded NYS in 2009 with the goal of providing a new vision for young performers looking to jump start their careers. As an American actor and producer, Palance has a comprehensive understanding of the inner workings of the business. NYS was designed to meet the demand for up-to-date education in addition to showcase and performance opportunities for young talent.

This mission involves guiding new performers and their families through the process of training, discovery and the attainment of their ambitions.  NYS aims to achieve this through a combination of one-on-one and group coaching, performance prospects and meetings with influential professionals in the industry.

The State of Family Entertainment

Our society today does not offer a variety of options when it comes to family entertainment. Many parents have told us that the only television shows they permit their children to watch are on the Disney channel. There are a limited number of family-friendly films and television shows currently produced in the industry. These shows also have a tendency to be hyper-targeted and lack a broad family appeal.

This is unfortunate, not only for viewing purposes, but also for talented children who wish to showcase their abilities. The state of family entertainment severely limits the options of young performers to land roles in suitable productions. This deficiency in the business influenced the development of NYS as well as its associated events and productions. As the discovery process for new performers has shifted and evolved, so have the methods to achieve success.

The Evolving Discovery Process 

Many people have continued to hold onto the idea that it is not necessary to make a financial investment to get into the business. This is an outdated notion that was promoted back in the 1920s when people were ‘discovered’ by chance interactions. The story behind this type of ‘discovery’ was usually a PR spin to build interest around an actor’s background and boost their status as a ‘star.’

These actors would then become studio players and earn a set salary. At this point, they would be required to take classes in voice, acting, dance and social etiquette among other things. When the actor reached a certain level of stardom, their place would be set in the industry. The studio system offered a more straightforward approach to a career path in this business.

However, in the 1960s this studio system began to break down and the actor’s journey into the industry was no longer publicized. This is because the studio could no longer take credit for ‘discovering’ big stars in the business. It is now common for actors to burst onto the scene and make large sums of money without very much backstory involving their path to success.

This can be extremely misleading and contributes to the limited perspective available regarding a performer’s journey to the top ranks of their specialty. While many of these stars seemingly rise to fame ‘overnight,’ this is exceptionally rare and oftentimes exaggerated by the media. In the majority of cases, the performer in question worked tirelessly to reach their current position in the business and may have also experienced a great deal of rejection and false starts.

The public wants to hold onto the ‘discovery’ process, but often incorrectly believes that this is achieved without putting any money into the endeavor. Much like any other career, working in the entertainment industry requires an investment of time and money. The key is to select a reputable program and organization to streamline your path to reach your individual goals.

NYS has re-invented the studio system. With our Events, we discover, develop and put skilled performers in front of industry professionals that are also seeking to find talent through ‘non-traditional’ channels. No matter how you slice it, there is a monetary investment required to get into the business, whether it involves travel expenses, photo shoots, workshops or other programs. When you decide to work with NYS, and its associated organizations, you can be sure that your investment is being put toward the most effective means to help your child realize their ambitions.

Premiere Event 

An answer to the state of family entertainment and the discovery process for young talent was thoughtfully designed and built via NYS. This organization is known by the name of Premiere Event, and gives child performers the opportunity to learn about the complexities of the entertainment industry and gain valuable insight from business insiders. It also serves as a launching pad for their careers by providing a space to showcase their talent to industry leaders.

The process begins with our Interview Weekends, which clearly demonstrate the value of the program. These weekends also give us the chance to select the most promising talent to attend our biannual events held at Walt Disney World in Orlando. People want to experience the ‘discovery’ aspect of the business and when they attend an Interview Weekend they realize just what a stellar opportunity this is. The traditional avenues of breaking into the industry no longer exist, which is why it is necessary to learn specific skills and meet the right people to start your journey as a professional performer.

Once attendees of our Interview Weekends have taken part in the scheduled activities, and undergone an assessment with our team, the performers with the most natural aptitude are invited back to determine if they will be a good fit for Premiere Event. If they accept an invitation to one of our Events, then they get to participate in the biggest global industry affair to showcase actors, dancers, singers and models to industry professionals who specialize in children’s programming.

Only a select group of kids and teens are given the chance to be a Premiere Event participant. While in Orlando, attendees participate in seminars hosted by industry experts, followed by a variety of showcases where the talent performs monologues, scenes, commercials, songs, dance routines and modeling techniques before professionals in the industry. Kids that receive callbacks get to have a one-on-one meeting with managers, agents and other industry professionals to discuss representation and job opportunities.

A large part of the NYS mission is to create TV shows and films with past Premiere attendees. My Hollywood is the first project under this concept. The goal is to provide a new vision of how young performers break into the business. We aim to do this through different formats such as reality television or scripted sitcoms.

My Hollywood

NYS Corporation has developed opportunities for past Premiere attendees to perform professionally. One of our largest projects is the reality television show My Hollywood. This show was started to help fill an educational gap and to provide performance prospects for past participants of Premiere Event with the chance to gain additional exposure. My Hollywood is one of the only productions of its kind and offers immediate value to everyone involved.

Participants are featured on the show in separate episodes, which gives viewers a window to observe their experience as they journey into the business. My Hollywood follows the performers and their families through their ups and downs with auditions and agent interviews as they navigate their way through the film and television industries. The show aims to provide an international perspective with talent from North America, Canada, Singapore, Russia and Greece.

Filling the Void of Family Entertainment

NYS provides a solution to the void of family entertainment through an assortment of opportunities. The showcase events and film projects provide young talent with the chance to connect with industry professionals, gain professional experience and enhance the state of family entertainment through their unique abilities.

Quality programs with broad-based family appeal have become more and more scarce. Shows that allow families to come together for a positive viewing experience are becoming harder to find. NYS aims to solve this deficiency by bringing bright and talented young performers into the industry and creating a space for them to contribute their skills.

In order to successfully fulfill the mission of NYS, there is also a large emphasis placed on education. This is achieved through multiple channels and over different time frames. The learning process starts with our Interview Weekends, once candidates have been selected and invited to attend Premiere Event they are provided with online coaching leading up to the Event. The activities involved in Premiere Event are designed to help participants build their skill set and prepare for work in the industry. Finally, shows such as My Hollywood give participants a view into the journeys of fellow performers and provide a learning experience for those who choose to view the show.

Supporting Your Child through their Journey

 There are few experiences more fulfilling than watching your child develop and grow as they explore their abilities and tap into their potential. If your child happens to display a strong aptitude for performance, then the focus shifts to the best way to help them satisfy their desire to express these gifts. It truly is a joyful event to take part in this when they find something they are passionate about early on in life. This is something you will want to support, even if they decide not to pursue a performance career when they reach adulthood.

There is no single correct path to take when attempting to break into the entertainment industry. There are a variety of methods and tools that can be helpful in this endeavor but it can still be exceptionally difficult to get a clear view into the requirements involved. With the downfall of the studio system, the road to an entertainment career can be confusing and many people are swayed by false claims and promises. NYS has produced a clear-cut solution that provides a modern alternative to the support that was previously provided by the studio system.

NYS takes the guesswork out of the process and offers a direct route to connect with influential advisors, agents, managers and other industry professionals. The specific path that is ideal for both you and your child will vary according to their aspirations and the type of lifestyle you believe they are best suited for. NYS has helped many parents and their young performers effectively plan and chart their path into the industry and opened the door for them to begin their journey together.

Launching Your Child’s Career

No matter how supportive a parent is of their young actor’s dream to perform, few parents are adequately prepared for the massive commitment involved. Whether it takes the direction of a Broadway show, television series, film, commercial, or other medium, the experience seldom matches expectations.

As you begin this journey with your child, there are often both difficult and wonderful moments. Adequate preparation for this phase in your lives is critical for effectively dealing with the challenges ahead. Flexibility and creative problem solving regularly come into play as you work to empower your child as they master their craft.

Everyone involved in the NYS mission takes pleasure in the knowledge that they are guiding young performers and their parents on this new and exciting journey. We have created a system that steps in to provide support where the industry has failed to do so. Getting started in the business does not require guesswork and false starts when you have access to the right tools for education, networking opportunities and professional guidance.

Parenting a working child actor is a demanding job but it may also be one of the most rewarding things that you do for them. The joy of seeing your child make it in this business is a once in a lifetime opportunity that few parents get the chance to be a part of. NYS takes uncertainty out of the equation and makes it possible for parents to immerse their child in an optimal environment to triumph in this challenging and exciting business.